Март 21st, 2010


По вопросам приобретения мишек вы можете связаться со мной, отправив письмо на адрес электронной почты mybearloga@gmail.com

Dear friends, I am pleased to welcome you!
My name is Elena Karmatskaya.
At this site you can see my creations – Collectible Teddy Bears.
To purchase the bears you can contact me  mybearloga@gmail.com

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Видео курс  “Блэкбэри – черный медвежонок. Создаем мишку с элементами стиля натюр”

10 Step-by-step  video tuturial: “How to create a cute Teddy-bear with Realistic Style elements Blackberry- black Teddy-Bear”


FAQ / Часто задаваемые вопросы

Cost / Стоимость мишек

Стоимость мишек варьируется в зависимости от размера и сложности. Приблизительно 500-800 EUR

Bears cost varies depending on the size and complexity. Approximately 500-800 EUR

How to buy / Как купить

Большинство мишек, представленных на сайте, уже нашли себе новый дом.  Свободных мишек Вы можете увидеть в разделе  Sale |Мишки в продаже|
Если Вы хотите приобрести кого-то из них – напишите мне:  mybearloga@gmail.com
В Москве я могу передать Вам мишку при личной встрече,  в другие города мишки отправляются почтой после 100% оплаты.

Most of the bears on the site have already found a new home. Available for sale bears you can see here Sale | Мишки в продаже|
If you want to buy someone out of them – write to me: mybearloga@gmail.com
Ships to: Worldwide

The shipping cost for Europe is already included in the cost of bears.

For the U.S. the shipping cost + $30
For other countries, please request shipping cost.

Payment by PayPal



BCA Exclusive Online Show

Июнь 6th, 2019
I have something very special and exciting to share with you! On the 15th June, 2019, I will be participating in a 42 hour original and exciting online show called The BCA (Bear Collector’s Anonymous) Exclusive Online Show.
All you need to do, is join the BCA Exclusive Online Show on Facebook


Первый раз решила поучаствовать в секретном онлайн-шоу BCA (Bear Collector’s Anonymous)Exclusive Online Show.
Шоу стартует 15 июня.
Чтобы увидеть во всей красе и приобрести понравившихся звериков, нужно зарегистрироваться в группе на Facebook:

Martin polar pilot

Май 26th, 2019

Dear friends. Let me introduce you Martin polar pilot.

He is a brave aeronaut and traveler.

The bear is made of Japanese silk, stuffed with sintepon and glass granulate. He has an open mouth and claws and a nose made of polymer clay. The jacket is made of artificial leather and genuine leather. Wooden plane.

Size 46 cm. / Sitting 35 cm.

Price $850.00 USD  (PayPal payment)

Worldwide free shipping


I will be glad to answer your questions: mybearloga@gmail.com



polar_pilot_2  polar_pilot_3



Christmas Treasures Online Bear and Gift Show

Ноябрь 14th, 2018

Dear friends!

The Christmas Treasures Online Bear and Gift Show will open soon! November 16-18 secret sales pages will be available!

You still can vote and choose the best creations! ;)


Pick your favorite in each category:

Voting ends November 15. Winners announced at start of show!

Vote for your favorite authors!
And, of course, do not miss the opening show! Enjoy your shopping time!

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 10.11.04



Basset Hound Toby

Сентябрь 17th, 2018

Dear friends

Let me introduce my new creation a puppy Basset Hound Toby.


Size 22 cm (sitting)

Materials: sassy long pile, glass eyes, sintepuh, glass beads, nose and claws handmade from plastic.

In the neck and back flexible plastic armature (like a spine).

Paws do not spin.
The head is not spinning 360 degrees, but can be tilted in different directions.

Price: 650$ (SOLD)

Payment by PayPal

Free worldwide shipping

To buy please write to mybearloga@gmail.com


Toby_3  Toby_5_1

Toby_6_1  Toby_4

Toby_2  Toby_7


Oliver and his rocking-horse

Май 16th, 2018

It is an image of childhood that evokes memories and warm feelings in the soul.
A cute teddy bear and his rocking-horse.


The inspiration was the old children’s photographs.

Bear is sewn in a classic style. His clothes look a bit old. Has a soft fur from Japanese silk. Filled with synthetic fiber and glass granulate.

The horse is made by myself of wood (lime tree). It is dyed using the technique of artificial aging.
This is a modern replica, but it looks like an old toy. The prototype was an old English rocking horse from my personal collection.
You can also buy a similar replica horse separately. It will decorate your collection of bears or antique dolls.
The cost of a horse is 120 $

Cost of a bear and a horse 220 $
(the cost includes only a bear and a horse. Note that the rest of the items (chest, photo frame and other) are not for sale, it’s just an entourage)

The size of a bear: 15 cm.
The size of a horse: 22 Х 35 Х10 cm

The cost of mail delivery is $ 20 (for Europe), $ 40 (for the USA, Australia, New Zealand)

Payment by PayPal

Thank you for visiting my store.
I will be happy to answer your questions: mybearloga@gmail.com

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oliver_3  oliver_7